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Charleston and/or Savannah - Web Sites that combine the two with at least some useful information

When it comes to comparing the two cities, there's not much on the web. My 'Charleston or Savannah' home page lists dozens of excellent web sites spread over 15 categories, each more or less specific to one or the other city. The web sites below include both cities in some narrative format. Only the first 3 are recommended (*); the others are simply too brief or are somewhat outdated, but they still provide a few nuggets of useful information.

* Charleston and Savannah The best of the on-line travelogues, by Harlan Hague.

* Discover Charleston & Savannah Information from Jim Morekis' Moon publication Charleston and Savannah. This web site also provides links to each city and surrounding areas.

* A Tale of Two Cities A direct comparison by George Bauer.

Not to be missed in Savannah and Charleston New York Times In Transit, from August 21, 2008.

Savannah and Charleston An article from Chicago Tribune Travel Section dated November 9, 2008.

Yahoo Trip Planner Describes a personal trip made in the summer; unfortunately not dated.

Southern Living A brief commentary from 2007 that has some useful recommendations.

Fodor Travel Blog Another blog from 2007 that describes a few places to stay.

A Girls' Getaway in Charleston and Savannah Two girlfriends with a 4-year old visit both cities.

What to eat in Savannah & Charleston Some personal recommendations. with board discussions on specific sub-topics.

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