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Charleston or Savannah? Restaurants

It is (IMHO) pointless to argue which city is better for dining. There is plenty of choice in either city, and the food scene should not be the deciding factor on which to visit. And of course any venue - no matter what the reputation or price - can have a bad night, giving the visitor a less than satisfying experience. Both cities have its tourist-centric restaurants, most notably Savannah's The Lady & Sons and Charleston's Hyman's Seafood & Aaron's Deli. But take away the Food Network-fame of Paula Deen, and The Lady & Sons is just another popular comfort food eatery (usually with a long line to get in). And take away the remarkable longevity and publicity of Hyman's Seafood and you have just another good-value eatery (also with a line outside of hungry diners). Make no mistake - they are popular because they offer tasty food at reasonable prices - but so do plenty of other places. And both Charleston and Savannah have much fancier dining if you want it; you really can find any level of sophistication (or lack thereof) in either city. In this section I have listed 'top' and notable restaurants from several sources. So decide what city you want to visit based on other factors (history, sightseeing, charm, walking ambience, etc.), and when you get there you will not go hungry.



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