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Charleston or Savannah? Hotels and Lodging

Each city has chain hotels in the historic area, and they generally provide good value. is a good place to start your search (listed first under each city). If you want something different than a chain or big box hotel, you'll be pleasantly surprised. There is a large choice of historic and boutique hotels in both cities, most located in the historic districts.



Tripadvisor hotel rankings - Charleston A ranking of hotels
based on web viewer comments.
It may vary depending on the dates you choose to visit.

Historic Charleston Hotels is a compilation of hotels -- new & old -- located in the historic district. The web site is most useful for its map showing hotel locations, with a pop up paragraph about each when you hover the mouse over the location, and a link to the web site.

Charleston's Historic Inns An alphabetized list, with a short paragraph on each, and links to reservations and more info.

Five Star Alliance Hotels, an "on line travel agency for the world's best hotels," lists 6 properties in the Charleston area.

Tripadvisor hotel rankings - Savannah Same comments as for TA-Charleston.

Historic Savannah Hotels Same comment as for Charleston - site is most useful for its map showing hotel locations...and links.

Historic inns of Savannah Lists just about every historic inn. They are divided into Mansion Inns and Boutique Hotels.

Five Star Alliance Hotels. Same comment as for Charleston, with 3 listings in the Savannah area.

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