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Consenting Adults Only Consenting Adults Only; a novel about a Las Vegas ED physician who gets into some trouble. Click here for Amazon link.

Gravity Will Always Pull You Down

A Child's Introduction to Gravity. Picture book for grades 1-6 (ages 6-12)

Boy Who Dreamed Mount Everest RPLA - 2nd Place Badge

The Boy Who Dreamed Mount Everest (Middle Grade Fiction, ages 8-12)

Looking for ideas to generate a book or play? Check out Fictitious Reviews. Feel free to expand any of these ideas into a real work of fiction or non-fiction.

Principal Subject Areas

All web sites are linked by principal subject areas, below. Click on image or subject to obtain full contents in that area. Web sites created for physicans and medical students are in red below. All other web sites are written for a general audience with an interest in the specific topic.
Breathe Easy -- Guide to lung and respiratory diseases for patients and their families Lung Diseases: Asthma, COPD, sinusitis, cough, chronic throat clearing

Asbestos screening ad Occupational Lung Diseases

Scuba Diving Explained:  Medical Aspects of scuba diving Scuba Diving: Medical and other aspects

link link link
Unique web sites on golf Golf: Essay, book, bibliography & more

Topics in sleep medicine Sleep Disorders: sleep apnea, narcolepsy, "sexsomnia" and many others

ICU Stories:  Ethical and Medical Challenges in the ICU "We Can't Kill Your Mother" and Other Stories of Intensive Care

Saga of the a major residential construction case in Ohio And They Built A Crooked House

Sequel to Crooked House Crumbling Dreams: What You Must Know Before Building or Buying a New House (or Condo)

Fort Pulaski and the Civil War in Savannah Savannah in the Civil War

Sherman's Mistress in Savannah Sherman's Mistress in Savannah: A Novel

OUT of Time:  An Alternative Outcome to the Civil War Out of Time: An Alternative Outcome to the Civil War

Sherman's Memoirs:  Savannah Sherman's Memoirs: Savannah (a 2-act play)

Sherman's Memoirs:  Savannah Sherman's Memoirs: Q & A about the 4 Editions

Tybee Lighthouse, as seen in Charleston vs. Savannah -- Which City to Visit? Charleston or Savannah? A comparison for the first-time visitor

 A 'what-if' fictitious book review - Hamlin, not Lincoln, is president during the Civil War What if Hamlin had been president instead of Lincoln? (and other Fictitious Reviews)

 Elvis's early years A biopic of Elvis Presley's early years (and other Fictitious Reviews)

 Music Index Links to music explanations by Lawrence Martin -- Uke theory, and Musical Modes

History of oxygen therapy Oxygen Therapy: The First 150 Years link link link

Monster Steel Ball Miscellaneous medical topics: on medical language, ethics and history


All You Really Need to Know to Interpret Arterial Blood Gases Blood Gases and Pulmonary Physiology

House Officer Survivors 
Guide House Officer's Survival Guide: Rules, Laws, Lists and Other Medical Musings

CPAP Mask CPAP, BiPAP and ASV for sleep apnea

Medicine Review Sleep Medicine Board Review for 2015

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